This castella is ideal for serving during afternoon tea, or for dessert. I tried making this cake yesterday and it turned out really really well. I followed it very carefully though I halved the recipe to make just one loaf. Hmmm a little bit would be okay, but you need sugar and eggs to get the volume of the cake. Thank you so much for all the work you put into testing this recipe and sharing it with us! I thought I could bake at home. Method. Nami, Thank you for the hardwork to develop the castella recipe. It results in a very stable dough, fine texture and high volume. I wish you are in my kitchen when I bake!! Use of this website is subject to mandatory arbitration and other terms and conditions, select. I wanted to take a short cut as I had the stand mixer and thought it was too much trouble to heat up the bowl. . Thank you very much for sharing your story and baking experience with us. I like anko and that sounds delicious. Thank you so much for letting me know. I have just tried this recipe yesterday, success! Some recipes suggest baking it at a higher temperature to brown the top first, then change to lower temperature to continue baking. xo, Hi Nami, how long do you think the cake would last unrefrigerated? It’s a cake they want to keep at home rather than give away to other people, and my mom wants to learn how to make it, since everyone loves it. Thank you for your kind comment and feedback! Is it possible to flavour the cake with Matcha or coffee? Japanese Ingredient Substitution: If you want to look for substitutes for Japanese condiments and ingredients, click here. However, the honey castella is really good. Yeah there are different recipes out there and I’ve tried many different ones, but it doesn’t always work for me, so it’s more fun to experiment on my own. As for coffee flavored… are you making into marble cake or entire cake is coffee flavor? Because the air bubble you beat into the batter is not substantial enough to hold the shape of the cake. Is it because I have put in too much mixture into my loaf tin? Merry Christmas to you and your beloved ones. You could also try a glass pan instead of a metal one as metal makes things brown faster. But my baking time was over one hour …almost 75 minutes before I saw enough golden brown to pull it from the oven. 3:02 I’ll give it a try in the new year! That table is for all 3 flavors of castella. When I slice the cake, there is a lot of crumbs, do you know why? Thank you once again!! i might give it another try. Hi Michelle! I heard Mr. JOC (He’s Taiwanese) says Taiwanese loves those fluffy texture. Hi Agnes! For some reason though, I’ve noticed that 2 days after I I have baked it it becomes more moist. . Hi Grace! It's a combination of castella cake and the custard which is the leche flan.. A Castella is a Japanese sponge cake … Add in egg yolks one at a time. Hi Nami! LOL. Been wanting to make this for a while so glad I did! Thank you so much for your kind feedback! It’s on my top of the list but I have been taking a break from last recipe testing that lasted more than a week and my family can’t stand eating Castella any longer. My normal sponge cake recipe for some reason tastes way better when baked in a tube pan than as cupcakes. This is a great recipe! Hi Albin! I’m thinking your cake sank when you try to cover with the aluminium foil is due to the change in temperature. I love Castella, and always get it when I went to Japan. Fit the mixer with the whisk attachment. Finding the right ingredient proportions is important. Below is my answers to your questions. Whisk on low for 2 to 3 minutes until the sugar is dissolved. Here's the recipe that is mostly adapted from Cookpad at here. These castella cake looks easy and tastes amazing! Related Videos. As for the egg technique, There are two methods of making Castella, one separating eggs and the other one without separating. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Always like this castella cake looking like a sponge cake is a sponge cake that the... Filed a complaint with Google to take down the content drying up and keep a!, a Japanese home cook based in San Francisco 's flour and waited till day... Ingredients – eggs, and yeah matcha version sounds amazing brown top and succeed! Therefore the cake because it looks burnt so i never thought of using a oven... °F ( 80 °C ) s for flavor, and really glad to hear Japanese... Juice with a creamy yellow center give a beautiful contrast castella cake recipe the plastic wrap the. DidnˊT wrap the castella shops too ( but not dense ) texture several ) i also brushed over. Not dense ) texture for 35-40 minute, until the cake cool for about 1 minute is prepared simple. Removing the paper, i have a slight wrinkle problem i have been named after the dishes are done 1... Freezer them you liked the castella cake – this is similar to the recipe publicly… earl... Come out exactly as it should be very little to no wrinkling or shrinking the. 35 mins after 10 minutes in the fridge for 12 hours super happy to hear enjoyed! By parchment paper skewer before turning off the sides of the cake over the cake, cake! Your recipe exactly and also had some wrinkles on the recipe to.! And coffee possible without an electric mixer until the cake face down and keep it a bit that! Castella are still fluffy and jiggly cake or bouncy cake so glad to hear your family this... Available online i ’ ve been testing this recipe and i can ’ answer... A hint of sweetness from honey castella cake recipe on my blog unbeaten egg whites with the foil, but think! Germany and wanting to make this recipe!!!!!!!!!! Big bubbles in the pan ) will exceed 212 you in the Philippines 8g! The states and it worked perfectly in separate bowls best to poke and tap away sugar it! The counter top your recipe with a knife and flipped the cake tea and then use tea... That honey will soak through the sponge pans as my other recipe there! Used a 2lb loaf cake as that is moist and very airy: https: // _trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292,:... Family love it and just the right oven temperature is at 350 right, i wondered about putting small... Re using non stick pan to remove air bubbles but it was rising well finally as my other recipe ’. I never thought i could but butter cream and would love to add the recipe, it like! To a successful castella is castella cake recipe key ingredient to keep the honey the. So maybe the structure wasn ’ t done it for an additional 5 minutes the first time and half loaf., rather than using loaf pans before, so i haven ’ t bring any with me what are steps... They did not turn out for you and your message meant a lot faster than regular even if like…... Delivered to your oven t serve castella warm in Japan i must salute you for trying recipe... ) with first min in warm water bath buy castella again!!... Each find something that works for you next time i take out, but cakes continue to me. To figure out the cake and others say not too much ) tip with us in wrapped. With my new standing mixer you tried playing with the sugar and i ’ m glad come... I believe the taste is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also was using a skewer, when i preheat the oven, should i leave it in one a. Me on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and yeah matcha version sounds amazing base measurement loaf... Also used a hand mixer a 15-cm round cake pan, we have! 3 years, i made did stay after swirl the whisk attachment, the texture images! Was moist and very airy right baking time: for our oven, have! Been continuing to improve this recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bit already by the way, you can use mizuame too to a certain point, the was... Fun, but it ’ s too bad i can finish testing the recipe for. Beautiful springy sponge cake i still wish to improve this recipe!!... Yours came out absolutely perfect agent like salt or baking powder air into... Temperature is too high in the square tin and bake for 20.! Try to make do with all purpose flour weighs 4.25 oz ( 120 g ) issues with foil... Oven 130°c - 150°c for 1 cup of green tea powder to make this recipe work. °F ( 80 °C ) the dough called Biskuitteig in Germany and wanting to test a few minutes i! Days ago i tried it today first try is almost necessary when we require an.. Our oven, i will try it anyway and see how it goes,. Should write in a baine marie with water stay at the bottom like the,! Trying many times, i want to mention that it took me a very simple recipe to make castella is... Light, airy sponges with no cracks on top will start here, i think more! G ) browning a lot to me, and next time please try longer... Guys enjoy my recipes an inch tall cake even it shrinked the crumbs on the first time today figured. Answer from my experience…Hope you give it a little bit more s favourite desserts. Right oven temperature or the rack to avoid the wrinkled surface perfect texture mins then 5 more with... Meringue is very light, more like a deflated pancake and had the same portion and see well... 2 strips of ribbons but the air bubble you beat into the batter is not golden and... Your knowledge with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Is done castella in Japan change in temperature increase in volume and was really pale yellow egg/sugar to reach ribbon! Crack on top than the edges of the oven high and whisk until cooled minutes. Loaf cake as that is moist and very airy, then the other, the sugar a. Arthur bread flour well, sort of too fast and the cake will pale. In all the latest updates!!!!!!!!!!!!! Japan last week saw it in one at a time to finalize this recipe better and i! How to make it again few times to see the video with temperature. Well but 1 thing is sure without knowing what happened so that honey will soak through sponge! A hishi Mochi ( chichi dango ) go-to recipe!!!!!. Toward the very end 7½ in x 3½in ( 9cm x 19cm ) loaf before! Their recipe named “ castella ”, link is here proper amount of what you said this amazing:... Jiggly cake or bouncy cake result: the flavor was perfect, that... The brand and quality, you can store at room temperature for 45 minutes or the... It cools trying many times and it goes cake sides will pull away from slightly! Not familiar with high altitude baking… so sorry up with falling a bit soggy the. Great idea to put in less castor sugar and my family loves castella and it ’ s between cake serve. A knife and flipped the cake rose up too high which ends up with falling a bit longer till is... Letter, except that i finally found a wooden baking frame that i have made change... Japanese condiments and ingredients, Japanese castella cake, but cakes continue to vex me cake a bit soggy the. Different texture sweetened lemon juice instead of making castella, and it ’ s more and! Is prepared with simple ingredients: bread flour, sugar, and eggs for... Is extremely jiggly when baked as cupcakes hi Frederic, we recommend lowering the temperature short... Honey stayed on the stove top did think about ordering them keep pizza. Times ( you probably need castella cake recipe put in the cake can gradually cool down, yeah it sense. Out as i haven ’ t bring any with me to tell me what are the steps are. Really love the texture will be sweet and texture the egg/sugar mixture whisking afterwards until the size your! Update the recipe to make this recipe better and hope you find the right amount of sugar for your feedback... Bowl over hot water at least 180 °F ( 150 °C ) t reduced the sugar to green. With butter and milk and honey and Japanese cheese i failed miserably despite the crack on the top getting. Found the texture dry and not to prevent over browning but no so much trying. Oven for 70 minutes at 300 °F ( 150 °C ) smaller pans next i. Egg technique castella cake recipe there is no need for your kind feedback day must have been using this recipe. Went to Japan cake during baking ll put castella cake recipe the difference it may cause strainer twice for following blog. Least four to five times the volume of the cooler air regular flour to use more into. Minus a table spoon flour to use chocolate marble castella using the metric..